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Wash & Blow Dry

Revitalize & Style, Effortless Sophistication

Indulge in a rejuvenating wash and blow-dry experience that not only cleanses but also revitalizes your locks. Our skilled stylists expertly blow-dry your hair, leaving it silky smooth and elegantly styled, ensuring you step out with effortless sophistication and a refreshed look.

45 min


Cut & Blow Dry

Precision Cuts, Styled to Perfection

Experience precision and style with our cut and blow-dry service. Our experienced stylists consult with you to create a personalized cut that suits your features and lifestyle. Finish it off with a professional blow-dry that enhances the shape and texture, leaving you with a perfectly styled look.

1 hr


Woman's Hair Cut

Tailored Sophistication, Your Unique Flair

Elevate your style with our woman's haircut service, tailored to reflect your unique personality and enhance your natural beauty. Our skilled stylists begin with a personalized consultation, understanding your preferences and lifestyle to create a cut that perfectly complements your features. 

30 min


Blow Dry with Curling or Flat Iron

Custom Styling, Effortless Glamour

Enjoy the versatility of our blow-dry with curling or flat iron service. Our stylists expertly manipulate your hair using professional tools, creating customized styles from sleek and straight to beautifully curled, ensuring effortless glamour for any occasion.

1 hr


Boy’s Haircut

Trendy Cuts for Young Gentlemen

Treat your little gentleman to a stylish and trendy haircut. Our skilled stylists cater to youthful styles, delivering cuts that are both playful and smart, ensuring your boy steps out with confidence and style.

30 min


Men’s Hair Cut

Sharp Styles, Confident Appeal

Elevate your look with our men’s haircut service tailored to your individual style. Our skilled stylists expertly craft sharp and stylish cuts that enhance your features, providing a confident and polished appeal.

30 min


Girl’s Haircut 

Adorable Styles for Little Princesses

Treat your little princess to an adorable haircut experience. Our stylists create cute and age-appropriate styles without the blowout, ensuring your girl feels special and beautiful.

45 min


Sew-In Extensions

Effortless Length & Volume, Seamless Style

Discover effortless length and volume with our sew-in extensions. Skillfully applied, these extensions seamlessly integrate with your natural hair, providing versatile styling options and a flawless, natural look.

1 hr 30 min


Installing Clip-In Extensions

Instant Volume & Length, Effortless Application

Achieve instant length and volume with our clip-in extensions service. Our skilled technicians ensure a seamless and effortless application, giving you the flexibility to transform your look in minutes.

1 hr


Conditioning Treatment

Nourish & Restore, Radiant Vitality

Replenish your hair’s vitality with our nourishing conditioning treatment. Our specialized formulas deeply penetrate each strand, restoring moisture and strength, leaving your hair irresistibly soft, smooth, and radiantly healthy.

15 min

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