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Haricut and Blow Dry


Haircut and Blow Dry in Babylon, NY

At Bali Hair Designs, our most popular service is our cut and blow dry in Babylon, NY. Our stylists specialize in precision cutting techniques to create tailored looks that enhance the natural features of each client. 

Led by stylist and owner, Greg Zavulunov, who has over 25 years of experience at trendy salons in the City, our team iscommitted to helping you care for your hair with our expert services and high-quality products. Whether you want a simple trim or a new style, you can trust our team to create your vision.

Full Consultation to Discuss Your Vision

During your consultation, we take the time to listen to your desired style goals, assess your hair texture, growth patterns, and face shape, and provide personalized recommendations to achieve the look you want.


We discuss your preferred hair length and maintenance routine to ensure the final result aligns with your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.


Next, we shampoo your hair to prepare it for cutting. Once your styling is complete, we blow dry it so you leave the salon with picture-perfect hair you didn’t know was possible.


Rediscover Your Gorgeous Hair With Bali Hair Designs


We know finding a haircut in Babylon, NY, that complements your unique style and face shape can feel difficult. Our experienced stylists can provide recommendations to bring out the best in your natural features.


Bali Hair Designs can also address issues such as split ends or damaged hair, helping you restore the health and beauty of your hair to enhance your new look. Our team can also help you manage concerns like thinning hair or receding hairlines.


Whatever your goals are for your hair, we help you achieve them. For example, men often prefer a low-maintenance style that still looks polished. We help you choose the ideal style for your face that won’t have you stressed for time when getting ready each day. 


Some people prefer a versatile cut that can be styled in different ways, allowing them to create countless looks with one haircut. Our stylists have the experience to make your vision a reality.


We also specialize in classic barbering techniques, such as precision scissor cuts and razor fades, for clean and polished results for men and women.

Kids’ Haircuts and Blow Dry Services


Our stylists also cut and blow dry kids’ hair. We approach each child’s cut and blow dry session with patience and understanding, engaging them in conversation to make them feel comfortable while also considering parental preferences.


We use kid-friendly haircut techniques that prioritize safety and comfort while still delivering stylish and age-appropriate looks. Your little one will feel confident and unique with their new haircut in Babylon, NY!

  • What are balayage highlights?
    Balayage is a technique in hair coloring that involves hand painting or sweeping highlights onto the hair, which gives it a look of naturally sun-kissed.
  • What is the difference between partial highlights and balayage?
    Unlike conventional foil highlights, balayage is applied by hand, making it more blended and natural. It tends to require less maintenance as it grows out more subtly.
  • Can anyone get balayage done on their hair irrespective of its type or color?
    Indeed, regardless of the type and color of your hair, you can try balayage but depending on your hair texture and shades you may need adjustments in techniques and color choice.
  • How long does a balayage appointment take?
    Depending on the length, thickness and how damaged the hair currently is; a session for Balayage could be anything between one and a half hours to three hours maximum.
  • How long does balayage last?
    Since it fades naturally and does not need frequent touch-ups like normal highlights do; balayage may last several months. Nevertheless, after every 6-8 weeks you might require glossing or toning to preserve required shade.
  • How do I maintain my balayage highlights?
    Use color-safe shampoos and conditioners, avoid heat styling when possible, and apply hydrating masks regularly to maintain healthy locks while also retaining vibrant colors.
  • Can balayage be done on short hair?
    Yes! Short-hair can totally rock this technique but will in most cases be subtler than in longer styles. An artistic stylist will be able to adjust it so that it brings out the best in short cuts.
  • Will balayage damage my hair?
    Compared to other dye techniques such as soaking your head with bleach, Balayge generally causes less damage. However any method of lightening can cause some damage therefore good care is needed.
  • What colors can be used for balayage?
    Depending on one’s taste and style, balayage may be accomplished with natural shades such as blonde, brown, caramel or even more outgoing pastels or vibrant hues.
  • Can I use balayage to cover my grays?
    Balayage in this case will merge your gray hair with the rest of your natural color resulting in a consistent look. However, it may not provide full coverage if you have a significant amount of gray hair.

Book Your Haircut in Babylon, NY Today


Contact Bali Hair Designs today to book your hair cut and blow dry in Babylon, NY. We are currently offering 15% off your first visit if you are a new client. Come and experience the best hair of your life at our salon!

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