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Balayage Highlights in Babylon NY

Known for being the top trendsetting hair techniques to date, Balayage highlights are a frequent request among our clients. At Bali Hair Designs, our stylists have mastered this hand-painting technique to bring you the most natural, beautiful results to your hair.


By using the balayage technique, we give you sun-kissed highlights with a natural glow that blends well with your unique hair color and style.


Bali Hair Designs’ chief hair stylist and owner, Greg Zavulunov has been working at top city salons for over two and a half decades and has worked with numerous clients looking for this trendy look. With this experience under his belt, you can trust our hair salon to provide you the outcome you expect.


 To this end, we offer personalized full balayage highlights and partial highlights as well as high-quality supplies to transform your hair without damage.


 We will give you a new look whether it’s subtle face framing highlights or a dramatic balayage.

Full Consultation to Discuss Your Hair Color Goals

In our consultation, we take into consideration your desired hair color and the condition of your hair before making recommendations based on what suits you best in terms of your perfect balayage highlights.


In addition to all these factors we also discuss with clients our color theory for customers who aren’t sure what hair colors would fit with their skin color, eye color, and style, so that our final results can compliment them better and fit more easily into their everyday lives.


Next step involves getting the necessary conditions ready for application of the balayage technique. This service can be labor intensive, which is why the service is offered at a higher price point. However, the price is also dependent on the length of your hair. 


Since this is a hand-painted technique, our talented hairstylists blend the selected hair strands naturally, without the use of foils or heated hair dryer.


Why Choose Us for Your Balayage Highlights in Babylon NY?


We know finding the right expert for balayage hair in Babylon, New York, can feel difficult with the amount of hair salons that are offered here. Choosing Bali Hair Designs as your experienced stylist will bring out the best in your natural features by offering an in-depth consultation to answer all your questions and lead you to finding your dream style. In addition, we also offer a 15% discount for all new clients.


We can also address issues such as split ends or damaged hair, helping you restore the health and beauty of your hair to enhance your new look. Our team can also help you manage concerns like thinning hair or receding hairlines. Whatever your hair goals are, we will help you achieve them.

Our Balayage Hair Services

Balayage Highlights

(Low-Maintenance Sun-Kissed, Artfully Painted)


Express the artistry of balayage, a sunlit technique. Our artists paint your hair with highlights that are suited to your individual features. This method allows you to change your overall appearance while still keeping it simple with your hair.

Price: $220+ | 1 hr

Balayage Full Head

(Customized Color Melting, Total Spectrum Beauty)


Try the creativity of full head Balayage which means custom beauty. Our experts will mix colors by hand and apply each carefully chosen hair strand seamlessly so that there is no discernible line where the root color ends and the lighter color begins. Colors merge beautifully in this exclusive process highlighting all your features at once and aging gracefully over time.

Price: $220+ | 1 hr

Balayage Half Head

(Sunlit Improvements, Half Magic)


Half-Head Balayage style is designed to give your hair a look reminiscent of bright sunlight filtering through leaves. For natural looking blonde highlights, they add only lighter sections around lengths and ends which are woven through natural ones for soft texture boost. With just a touch of simplicity, this method adds depth and dimension that enhances every aspect of one’s look.

Price: $150+ | 1 hr

Balayage Partial Head

(Bespoke Streaks: Partial Brilliance)


Achieve flawless partial-head balayage looks with our expertly crafted techniques. Our professional colourists place highlights exactly where they need to be in order not to appear too harsh though they do change subtly how one looks. It is a small yet sophisticated stroke that brings out the best in its wearer because it emphasizes the texture and movement inherent in her locks.

Price: $85+ | 1 hr

  • What are balayage highlights?
    Balayage is a technique in hair coloring that involves hand painting or sweeping highlights onto the hair, which gives it a look of naturally sun-kissed.
  • What is the difference between partial highlights and balayage?
    Unlike conventional foil highlights, balayage is applied by hand, making it more blended and natural. It tends to require less maintenance as it grows out more subtly.
  • Can anyone get balayage done on their hair irrespective of its type or color?
    Indeed, regardless of the type and color of your hair, you can try balayage but depending on your hair texture and shades you may need adjustments in techniques and color choice.
  • How long does a balayage appointment take?
    Depending on the length, thickness and how damaged the hair currently is; a session for Balayage could be anything between one and a half hours to three hours maximum.
  • How long does balayage last?
    Since it fades naturally and does not need frequent touch-ups like normal highlights do; balayage may last several months. Nevertheless, after every 6-8 weeks you might require glossing or toning to preserve required shade.
  • How do I maintain my balayage highlights?
    Use color-safe shampoos and conditioners, avoid heat styling when possible, and apply hydrating masks regularly to maintain healthy locks while also retaining vibrant colors.
  • Can balayage be done on short hair?
    Yes! Short-hair can totally rock this technique but will in most cases be subtler than in longer styles. An artistic stylist will be able to adjust it so that it brings out the best in short cuts.
  • Will balayage damage my hair?
    Compared to other dye techniques such as soaking your head with bleach, Balayge generally causes less damage. However any method of lightening can cause some damage therefore good care is needed.
  • What colors can be used for balayage?
    Depending on one’s taste and style, balayage may be accomplished with natural shades such as blonde, brown, caramel or even more outgoing pastels or vibrant hues.
  • Can I use balayage to cover my grays?
    Balayage in this case will merge your gray hair with the rest of your natural color resulting in a consistent look. However, it may not provide full coverage if you have a significant amount of gray hair.

Book Your Balayage Highlights Today


Contact Bali Hair Designs today to book your appointment for your balayage highlights in Babylon, NY. We are currently offering 15% off your first visit if you are a new client. Come and experience the best hair of your life at our salon!

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